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Rods To Catch Big Bass

BassHoles know there are 4 primary types of rods that can be used to catch big bass:big bass

The bottom two choices — baitcasting and fly fishing — are the most difficult to master. So if you’re just starting out and want to start being a BassHole (that is, start fishing and catching big bass) tomorrow, one of the top 2 choices — spinning and spincasting — will serve you best.

What Are The Best Rods?

Great question! And the only honest answers are:rod lineup

  • That depends
  • No real way to determine
  • You decide!

Depends On What?

It depends on who you ask.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ask 100 BassHoles what’s the best rod? And get 1 Million different answers.

I like to cast. I like to cast long distances. I can cast accurately (my buddy says I can “thread a needle). So I tend to like longer rods — 7 foot vs. 6 foot or 6 1/2 foot.

Other BassHoles find the shorter rods easier to cast accurately.

So, which will you prefer? There’s no way to know! You have to guess. And figure it out as you go forward.

How to figure it out

If possible, try out some options:

Borrow a few rods of different lengths and types (medium, medium-heavy, etc.)

3 old reels
Antique Rods & Reels: fly, spincast, spinning

Try casting the different types. See what is easiest for you. And note your hookup rate (how often you get the fish that bit your lure into the boat).

I was using medium rods. I catch fish, but sometimes they come off the hook. A BasPro buddy recommended I try a medium-heavy rod, especially for certain types of baits. I haven’t had the chance to try it out yet, but certainly look forward to doing so!

If you can’t borrow any rods, you really have little choice (unless you want to rent one) but to:

Choose one rod and discover what challenges you have, then find out how others recommend you overcome those challenges.

So if you have trouble with accuracy, would a shorter rod help? Or if you want more distance, do you need a longer rod?

As you can see, a trial and error method IS the only way to determine which rod will be best for you!

And, just to make things even MORE complicated, as your skills progress, what works for you may change as well.

But the good news is those early rods will STILL work!

So, in the end,

You Decide!

If you want advice, just want to discuss options, or simply want more background, be sure and leave me a question.rods & lures

I’ll answer what I can, research what I can’t, and tell you where we both stand on figuring this out.

We BassHoles like to stick together!

Tight lines,

Roger, The Smiling BassHole

==> Want to learn some history of fishing rods? Click here! <==

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