Hobie Pro Angler 360

The World's Most Expensive Kayak - Worth The Price?

I say yes. 

And that's before I've even taken my own New Hobie Pro Angler ("PA") onto the water.


I'll provide  links to other Hobie  and  pedal kayaks below.


  • Mirage Drive 360
    The new drive allows you to maneuver in any direction.
  • Kick-Up Fins
    The new Drive has fins that "kick up" if they hit an obstacle, preventing damage to the fins.
  • Vantage ST Seating
    Extremely comforable seating with "Boa" system lumbar support technology. Remove from kayak to use as beach chair.
  • Guardian Retractable Transducer Shield
    Protect your fish finder transducer by pulling it up into kayak.
  • Horizontal Rod Storage
    Keep your rods out of trees and other obstacles by storing them in the rod tubes: 4 on PA 12' / 6 on PA 14'.
  • Front & Center Hatches
    Store necessities inside the kayak.
  • H-Rail System for Rod & Accessories
    Avoid drilling holes into your kayak by using the H-Rail.


  • Cost
    At $4,599 (PA 12) or $4,799 (PA 14), this is a very expensive fishing kayak! Of course it's still cheaper than a premium bass boat. Plus the resale value of Hobie kayaks is good, so if you get one and don't like it, you can probably (note I'm not GUARANTEEING anything!) recoup a lot of your investment.
  • New This Year
    It's the "bleeding edge" of kayak technology,  and so has not been field tested (much). So far, reports from Pro Bass Anglers using the 360 have been positive, plus it was 6 years in development, and Hobie stands behind their products, so it's a fairly safe gamble.
  • Availability
    Despite the cost, the PA 360 is very popular. So it can be hard to find. But if you can pre-order, you shouldn't need to wait too long (????).

The new 360 has everything that made Hobie's previous PAs one of the most popular pedal kayaks (still also available for a bit lower price).

Hobie INVENTED the pedal kayak by introducing its "Mirage Drive" in 1997. And they have led the pedal kayak industry ever since. 

I'll also list links to various other Hobie fishing kayaks (there are 9 choices available, not counting the various lengths), and write more on them in the future.



If you have the means, buy this kayak.

I decided to get it, even though I had the 2019 Hobie Outback (another great Hobie Product)

But check out the tons of videos on YouTube, find a dealer and do a test drive, and then decide. 

Bottom line, will it make your fishing experience more fun? If it will, then join us Hobie fans!

See you on the water.

Roger, The Smiling BassHole

Hobie kayak

Hobie PA 12 360!

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