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How To Fishing

I’ve had a lot of folks ask about “How To” use various types of lures, so I’m starting a “How To Fishing” series.

Man holding bass
Big ‘un!

I will offer tips and advice on techniques to catch big bass. Or at least to catch SOME bass!

These won’t be limited to my own experience, though whenever I’m able to add my own personal perspective on each technique.

So often, it will be the top bass fishing professionals, or other trusted experts I’ve discovered, who offer the advice. And other times, it will be me, your very own Smiling BassHole, doing the honors with my, er, maybe “wisdom”?

This page will offer links to the posts with the information. Whenever possible, I will include opportunities for the reader to purchase the products being discussed. But should you see something and want to know more about it, please don’t hesitate to ask! I’m always happy to answer questions!

I’ll also include categories. If some posts cover more than one topic (such as spinnerbaits AND plastic worms), I’ll include the post in all appropriate categories.

Come back and visit this page often, as I’ll be adding links to posts as they are created, and you can keep on learning!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope these tips help you improve your bass catching!

Plastic Worms (& other “Creature Baits”)

Fishing “Slop” and Punching Through Vegetation

How to fishing

Here’s a post about “punching through slop” and other vegetation using a pegged Texas rigged worm. Complete with videos on how to fish the pegged worm, and how to peg the weight.

How To Use Plastic Worms

A whole slew of videos to show you how to rig, fish, and catch bass with plastic worms. Videos show: Texas Rig, Carolina Rig, Wacky Worm Rig, Drop Shotting, Flipping & Pitching, and more!

Carolina & Texas Rigs

Vicious Bass CR34 Carolina Rig
Pre-Set C-Rig

Learn the difference between these 2 rigs, when to use which, and how to rig both!


Willow Blade Spinnerbait

Pulling a spinnerbait through vegetation (weeds)

This post describes fishing with tandem willow blade spinnerbaits. I caught bass, AND a dock!

Topwater Lures

Weed Demon, Wiggle Wog, Lunkerhunt Frog, Koppers Frog, Buzzbait

Learn about 5 (out of 10) of my favorite topwater lures, all providing links to buy them!

PopR, Jitterbug, Torpedo, Zara Spook, Rapala Floater

The other 5 (out of 10) of my favorites. Complete with purchase links as well as a few videos to show you how to fish them!

Lipless Crankbaits

DSC02923Red Eye Shad

Another of my favorite lures! Complete with KVD (Kevin Van Dam) instructional video.

Red Eye Shad

Yup. More about the Red Eye Shad. Which I love.


Pig & Jig

Learn about this great lure, which I’ve yet to catch a bass on! (And now lead-head jigs are banned here in New Hampshire, so until I can replace them, I’m jig-less!)

Fishing Knots

Trilene, Improved Clinch, Palomar, San Diego Jam, Duncan Loop

5 great fishing knots, complete with instructional videos.


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