Here are some great sites to visit to learn and share more about fishing!

New Hampshire sites:

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Here’s a great site where you can converse and share with fellow New Hampshire BassHoles (and other fisherfolk). Free and Fun!

And if you aren’t fortunate enough to live in the great state of New Hampshire, there are options for all the other states!

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  • Email newsletter available.
  • Post and share your trips (including photos & videos)
  • Innovative “My Chalkboard”: a place for you to write your fishing notes!
  • Meet new friends!
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Choose YOUR Fish Finder state!






Lots of detailed articles to teach you more about bass fishing.

  • Fishing Articles, Forums, Videos, Pictures, New, Tools, Gear & Links.
  • Free stuff! Including Fishing Log.
  • Newsletter.


Fun and facts all about fishing! As the name implies, this man LOVES angling! And he shares that love with all us BassHoles!

Lots of great photos, posts, and links to other great fishing blogs (Blogs I Read).


“The Most Trusted Source of Fishing Reports in the U.S.A.,” according to the website!

Fishhound publishes a magazine.

There is a fishing forum.

The “News” section has many subsections, each of which include multiple posts in each topic.

 Paul D’Angelo is Canadian, but other than that, he’s OK.

And he’s funny. Really funny. Great reads and good laughs. Of course they are Canadian laughs, so they each chuckle is about a chuckle and a quarter American.

  • The Fish Whisperer

Check out this BassHole catching a 12 pound bass with his bare hands! And does another fish eat the lure?

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