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April 4, 2016

Fishing Log: PRE-First Fishing Trip, April 4, 2016

BassHole Goes Fishing, Again!

Where: Webster Lake, Franklin, NH

IMG_0143I’m going to my “home” lake. Webster Lake is literally a 5 minute drive from my home. I launch my Hobie Float Cat 75 from the “New Beach,” thanks to the advice of my fellow BassHole and son-in-law, Nick.

It’s my first fishing trip since my fall on a river bank in Vermont in late June 2015. So I AM excited!


Weather Forecast

  • Temperature: Cool  (below freezing): 20 degrees (7 AM to 1 PM)
  • Sky: Sunny
  • Precipitation: 0%
  • Wind: NNW @ 13 mph (between a gentle and mild breeze on the Beaufort Wind Scale)
  • Humidity: 28%

Weeeeelllll, conditions are probably NOT ideal; it snowed here today!IMG_0480

And tomorrow the temperature IS supposed to get up to 34 degrees Fahrenheit, but during the period I plan to be out, it will be in the upper 20’s. So, cool for me. And I don’t know what the water temperature will be, but hope to avoid finding out through immersion!

I’m hoping my exercising (propelling my Hobie Float Cat with flippers on my feet) and warm weather gear will keep me nice and warm. And should it prove TOO cold, then I can always drive the 5 minutes back to my warm living room!

PLUS, I did drive out to the lake, and there’s no ice covering it.

Can I do it? I won’t know until I try!

Swim FinsAt this moment, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to haul myself into my waders, put on my wading booties, and strap my flippers to my feet.

But as long as I can do all that, I believe I’ll be able to get into the lake and start fishing.

Any luck I have will make it into my log, and even if I don’t have any luck (which wouldn’t be the first time), I’ll honestly report what happened.

By the way, this is certainly the EARLIEST I’ve ever tried to fish on Webster Lake. Usually I venture out some time in May. So, we’ll see if I’ve been missing opportunities!

All packed and ready to fish!

IMG_0481So I’ve got all my gear in my pickup. My wife and I had to bring out warm water to thaw out the cover on the back of the pickup. And then break the ice enough to be able to open the tailgate!

But now everything is all loaded into the truck, and ready to roll for tomorrow’s adventure. I’m pretty excited, and hope to see some bass!

About this Log

I’ve never kept a fishing log, but thought this would be a fun way to go about it. I’ll post a report after every fishing trip, highlighting the event. Some of the information I’ll record is:

  • Body of Water
  • Weather

    Me and bass
    Selfie with bass (2015)
  • Lures used
  • Techniques employed
  • Results

I’ll try to take photos of my fish, but frankly, my “Selfie” skills are not the greatest!

And of course in my first report, I’ll let you know if I even was able to get myself into the water!

Won’t YOU add to my log?

I’d love to add fishing yarns from others, as well! Where you went, what you did, how you fared.

If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll contact you about adding to the log, under your own name (or pen name, if you prefer).

Let’s do this together!

Thanks, and Tight Lines!

Roger, The Smiling BassHole

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The Smiling BassHole

I'm a BassHole!Kickin' Bass and lettin' them go.

Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  • Great idea to keep a fishing log! I like the way fishing gets you out of the house and enjoying the great outdoors, although must admit it’s the wife who’s done most of the fishing in our household and she can be out all day. Frankly, I need the warmer weather! That said, it is a really relaxing hobby.

    • Rob,

      Glad to hear you’re married to a BassHole! A fishing wife is its own reward.

      And thanks for the support of the log! I’m about to brave weather in the teens (currently 15 degrees; but SUNNY!) to launch my Hobie Float Cat.

      Check back later for a report (with photos!) of my success (whether I catch fish or not!).

      Tight lines! (Especially to your wife!)

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  • Hi Roger
    I’m so jealous right now. Here where I live, we still have 2 feet of ice on the lakes. Some rivers are open but not many. Bass only open at the end of June.
    Keeping a log is something i have been wanting to do also. Never took the time. I will have to give it a try.

    Good luck today

    • Carl,

      We had a very mild winter this year. There was ice not that long ago, but hey, I was optimistic! Didn’t catch anything, but if you read today’s Log Blog, you’ll see I still managed to have some fun!

      I tried to keep a fishing log decades ago, but it never worked out. This time, I’m committed!

      Keep thinking spring!

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  • Great idea to keep a fishing log Roger. It sounds like you and your wife have fun together. Like one of the other people that commented, I’d personally need warmer weather to get out there. Living 10 years in Texas messed up my cold tolerance. Your passion for fishing definitely shows in your posts!

    • Thanks, Nikki!

      Well, when I decided to start the log (just the day before the post!), I had NO idea it would generate so much interest and response! I’m certainly happy so many folks enjoyed my joking at my own expense.

      Of course it probably WAS a bit extreme to go out in such cold weather, but I was determined to give it a go. And by doing so, I was able to prove to myself I can do go fishing this year. I haven’t planned the next outing yet, and am wondering if maybe I SHOULD invest 20 bucks in that thermometer!

      I lived in Austin, Texas, one winter which was a wonderful time of year to live there! I raved so much about Texas Ruby Red grapefruit that I had 3 people bring me some when they came back from a Texas trip. I didn’t even know I’d ever talked to them about Ruby Reds! Before I lived in Texas, I wasn’t sure why people ate grapefruit.

      And yes, I’ve always loved fishing. I’m the only one in my family who got the fishing bug. So I guess I got it all!

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

    • Thanks, Jaron!

      Nope. Didn’t catch nothing on day 1 or day 2. Though I had success just the same, since a bad day fishing is better than a good day working!

      I’m about to leave for my birthday fishing trip, day 3. Same place. Better results? Stay tuned!

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  • Hi Roger,

    You are certainly a keen fisherman! I would leave the house if it looked like that outside. Here in Australia I often go fishing just as an excuse to dangle my feet in the water to cool off a bit!
    I think keeping a log is an excellent idea. I have noticed that in my local fishing holes (rivers mostly) there are no where near the numbers of fish that we used to have. It is a very popular sport here, and most people bag what they catch, regardless of bag limits. When I was a kid (30 years ago!) we used to sit on the local jetty and watch schools of fish swim past, not any more unfortunately.

    So if you keep a log, you can look back in time and be able to say ‘Look, they really were bigger 10-20 years ago!’

    I am going to start photgraphing all my catches from now on as proof! One day I’l hopefully show some grand kids what it was like in the good old days!


    • Thanks, Dr. Brad!

      Dangling your feet in the water to cool off is certainly part of fishing! One thing I try to do is make my fellow BassHoles remember, this is fun! Even when fishing is tough, there’s a lot going on for you to enjoy if you remember to appreciate the camaraderie, the beauty of nature, and the ability to learn, practice, and eventually master new skills.

      The log was something I decided to include because I was never able to do that just on my own, but now, with the website, it gives me inspiration to keep it going. Plus, I’ll be able to look back and remember my adventures, struggles, and successes!

      By the way, when you were a kid, I was a full growed BassHole — everything is relative!

      Taking photos is SO much easier now — even my phone can take photos! So I’m able to record my catches. And not pay a lot of money to get the photos developed!

      Remember, these ARE the good old days!

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

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