May 13

Chad in his Hobie


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  • Hey there, thanks for the opportunity to chat a little bit before taking off. Caught a few more brookies and a rainbow in the limited amount of time allotted prior to rain coming. Nice blog you have here, I will check in more often. Until the next episode. Tight Lines!

    • Thanks YOU, Chad!

      It was a pleasure meeting you. And to get to see a Hobie MirageDrive Kayak up close!

      But it only makes me wish even more that I could get one! I’ll have to leave that to the great fishing powers! But it certainly looks like a hoot and a holler!

      The rain came here just about an hour ago. I do fish in the rain. But I wasn’t dressed for that kind of downpour! Can you enjoy your cigars in the rain?

      See you back out on the water!

      And thanks for the kind words.

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

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