Improve Your Fishing Experience

So many tactics / baits / colors / options.

What's a fisherman to do?

Let The Smiling BassHole break it down for you!


Get the right tactics!
Learn more about topwater, hard lures, and soft plastics.

Best Lures to Catch More and Bigger Bass Spoiler alert! Ask 100 bass fisherman the

Use FishHunter To Find Fish! Best Portable Fish Finder: First task I’ve said it before, and

Prepare for Spring Bass Fishing! I’d love to show you an awesome lure to catch

Catching Big Bass in the Summertime! Seasonal Changes and How They Affect Bass Fishing Keep

Bass at Last! Catching Bass on Frogs & Spinnerbaits I finally broke my “skunk streak”!

Can You Teach An Old BassHole New Tricks? Stay Tuned! Catching Bass With Plastic Worms My initial

Searching for big bass! (Finding None!) Where: Griffin Beach, Webster Lake, Franklin, NH Webster Lake:

My Birthday Fish Come True! Where: Griffin Beach, Webster Lake, Franklin, NH I’m NOT a

Hot Summer Bass Fishing Tips Summertime Bassing! Time to go deep for those big bass!

Few things can be as exciting and fulfilling for a fisher person than catching a

Need advice on how to choose a rod and reel? Your Magic Wand (Rod) To

How To Choose The Best Fishing Knot So, what is the best fishing knot for

BassHoles know how to choose the best fishing line for bass. They choose their favorite!

Baitcasting Rod & Reel I may be a BassHole, but I ain’t no liar! So I’m

What’s the best fly rod for catching big bass? BassHoles use many different types of

What's the easiest rod and reel combo to learn to catch big bass? BassHoles often

Need advice on how to choose a spinning rod and reel? As I said before,

How To Fishing: Spinnerbaits Many people have asked me “How To” use various lures. And

Strike King KVD Red Eye Shad Price: Varies (depending on specific model)Type: Lipless CrankbaitSizes: 1/4

Review: Top 10 Topwater Lures To Catch Big Bass — Part 1 My favorite top

Review: Top 10 Topwater Lures To Catch Big Bass — Part 2 My favorite top

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