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February 22, 2016

Best Lures to Catch More and Bigger Bass

Best Lures to Catch More and Bigger Bass

Spoiler alert! Ask 100 bass fisherman the above question and hear 1 Million different answers!

But let me share one of my newest favorite lures (and how it got to be that way).

What I consider to be one of the best lures to catch more and bigger bass.

The Redeye Shad

Best Lures to Catch More and Bigger Bass




Orange Belly Craw Redeye Shad

Why the Redeye Shad?

  1. I caught a 3 pound bass on my first cast with this lure!
  2. It was developed with the help of BassPro fisherman Kevin Van Dam (#1 angler in the world).
  3. You can fish it in a variety of ways (simple retrieve, stop and go, twitch, etc.)
  4. There are numerous colors to choose from.

How I found The Redeye Shad

largemouth-bass-1372319-639x402I could see bass cruising near the shore, but couldn’t get their attention. I went to my local BassPro shop, found a young (I’d say early 20’s) sales associate in the bass fishing section, and asked for his advice. He told me the Redeye Shad was one of his favorites.

I bought a couple of colors, and as I said, caught a nice bass on the first cast.

On the second cast, I snagged on a rock. I maneuvered over to the snag, and the water was so clear I could see the lure. I got it unstuck, and immediately another 2.5 pound bass raced up from below and ate the lure!

Naturally, this immediately became one of my favorites, and I had a lot of luck catching very nice size bass (and one fat rainbow trout!) on this lure before my accident benched me for the rest of the season.

You can bet I’m itching to get back on the water and throwing my Redeye Shad!


While the color shown above is certainly my favorite, I also use and like the other colors and ensure I always have 2 of each color (at least!) so I can fish in various conditions. More on how to choose color in a future post.


Chrome Sexy Shad

Chrome Sexy Redeye Shad


Red Eye Shad Tungsten

Red Eye Shad Tungsten


Bad To The Bone Redeye Shad

Bad To The Bone Redeye Shad


Metallic Tenn Redeye Shad

Metallic Tenn Redeye Shad

 For more on the Redeye (or Red Eye, it’s spelled both ways!) Shad, see my Review


To purchase the Redeye Shad, click here.

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The Smiling BassHole

I'm a BassHole!Kickin' Bass and lettin' them go.

Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  • Are the best lures for catching more and bigger bass usually fish shaped? Just curious because I didn’t think fish see all that well. But I don’t know much about fish eyes. Fun story, I guess young guys do know a thing or two!

    • Jon,

      Great question!

      No, bass lures are not necessarily fish shaped. These lures are “lipless crank baits.” Diving crank baits have a “lip,” which is a big scoop on the front, sometimes as large as the lure itself!

      The shape is not so much related to what the bass will see (though the color can sometimes make a big difference), buy rather how the bait displaces the water. Bass, like most fish, have a sense humans do not share. It has to do with what’s called their lateral line. They feel the changes in water pressure and displacement. Think of a tight school of fish. They move, but all together. Rarely do they bump into each other.

      Some bass lures are shaped like lizards (or salamanders), worms, and then there’s the spinnerbait (another one of my favorites!), which is a piece of wire with rotating shiny blades and rubber skirting! It must SOMEHOW say “Eat Me!” to a bass, though, and when they do, it’s loads of fun!

      Thanks for the comment!

      Tight lines!


  • You’re so lucky you caught a bass in your first cast ! I just love fishing but i am not experienced enough and it takes too much time for me to catch even a single fish !!
    Any suggestions would be much appreciated ! 🙂

    • Deadshot,

      I FEEL lucky to catch a bass on my first cast! That has happened quite a few times, but I always feel lucky!

      One day, I was just entering the water (I have a pontoon type float device), and before I even sat down, I cast out into the water. And caught a bass! There was an older couple who had just kayaked over to the beach I was launching from, and the man said, “He’s got one already!”

      It always fun to catch fish early, because it makes you confident good things will happen.

      If you’re NOT catching fish, or even getting bites, you can:

      * Try a different speed. Slow down first. Often you need to REALLY go slow. But other times you need to speed up. Vary your speed and when you find the right speed, stick to it!

      * Try a different bait. Change color, change size (sometimes they want bigger, sometimes smaller), change something!

      * Try a different depth. I’ll be talking about fishing in the various layers in a future post. But if you are on or near the top, try a bit of weight or a diving lure. Lures can be fished in different depths (if there’s a blade on the front, the longer the blade, the deeper the lure dives). Often you want to scrape the bottom, but sometimes fish are suspended in the middle.

      * Try a different location. If you are not getting any action where you are, try moving, even just a bit! Pros spend a lot of time locating the bass, then they focus on catching the bass they have found (so fish thoroughly where you get a bite).

      * Try to be patient. Could be the hardest part! But I read an article in BassMasters by a bass pro, who pointed out that when their tournaments are broadcast, they always show some kind of action. But even pros can go hours with no action whatsoever, then have a sudden flurry of activity. The pro said he figures he has 8 hours to find and catch 5 fish (that’s the limit for a tournament). So you should have a similar goal!

      I hope these suggestions help you annoy more bass when you’re out there!

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  • Fishing is always a wonder to me. I never caught any fish. One time I went fishing with my friends and they all caught at least 2 fish. But I went home empty handed.

    Maybe I should try this kind of lure. I know the lure will give vibration like a live food to the fish. Been watching too many fishing shows.

    There are so many lures out there and thank you for simplify the process of finding “the one”.

    • Arief,

      Yes, this lure will indeed vibrate like live food.

      It’s not the ONLY ONE you should have, but it is very effective. And I do use it a lot!

      This is a lipless crankbait. You will also want:

      * Soft plastic baits and hooks (worms, lizards, salamanders, crawfish)
      * Top water baits (frog, PopR, Jitterbug, Weed Demon)

      The soft plastic you can fish pretty much anywhere in the water column, depending on where the fish are holding. You can fish them on top as well, but the listed top water baits are very effective. Choose one to start with, and go from there. Having bass crash up out of the water to grab your bait is very exciting!

      There are plenty of colors to choose from as well.

      I have all of these baits and many more!

      I’ll be writing more about baits and techniques, now that I’ve covered the basics on gear, so stay tuned!

      And let me know how it goes!

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

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