About Roger

The Smiling BassHole

Hi! I'm Roger, and I'm a confirmed "BassHole."

Yup, I belonged to a fishing club in San Francisco (years ago!) called the BassHoles! 

I've been fishing since I built my own rod out of a discarded bamboo pole with cup holder hooks for guides, with a reel I found in the trash strapped to the bamboo with black electrical tape. I was about 10 years old.

Now I'm semi-self-unemployed/retired and fish every opportunity I have. As the Smiling BassHole, I fish for bass on spinning gear.


I've never been able to afford a bass a boat, but I'm the proud owner of the world's most expensive kayak – upgraded from a Hobie Float Cat 75 – my very own Hobie Pro Angler 12 Mirage 360.

Greetings from The Smiling BassHole!

That's my 4th kayak in 4 years! Hobie is a fantastic company and the inventor of the pedal kayak – my last 2 kayaks were both Hobie Outbacks. I love the Hobie!

But I've also become obsessed with the kayak industry, so I'll share my opinions about kayak options that DON'T all cost thousands of dollars.

Before the Float Cat, I used float tubes to get into the water, and  I still have recommendations for these – an inexpensive way to get you into fishy waters!


I love to fish, and I love to catch fish, but mostly I love to have fun! 

I enjoy learning new techniques, and of course I have my own favorites, all of which I will share with you through fishing posts.

I will address specific fishing tactics, either with my own personal experience or by sharing the posts / YouTube videoes of real experts.

Not only will I talk about lures, colors, rods, reels, lines, and other fishing gear, but also how to store all that gear to protect your equipment and to keep it available no matter HOW you fish.


In June of 2015, I slipped on a river bank and tore my patella tendon. I crawled for an hour on my hands and knee (the left one wouldn't move!) across sharp rocks to get near my car, and was finally helped by a young man who backed my car down the rest of the way, helped orient me to the door, and I hauled myself in. I drove myself to the emergency room, and within a couple of weeks had reconstructive surgery.

That ended my fishing adventures for 2015!

Unable to fish, I joined some fishing organizations, started reading magazines, searched Google for fishing tips, watched bass tournaments on TV, and generally started deepening my education on bass fishing.

I learned so much that I decided I would share it with the world, and that's what brought you here!

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