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5 Fantastic Fun Fishing Fact Resources

By The Smiling BassHole

July 26, 2018


Fishing Fun For You

I love to fish because I love to have fun. But when I can’t be out having fishing fun, I enjoy finding articles, websites, and videos that teach me how to have more fun (and less grief) while I am fishing.

Here are 5 Fantastic Fun Fact Resources for you:

Bonus Resource!

A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing: Catching & Cooking Tips

I’m happy to recommend  author Steph Young’s “recently published huge guide covering just about everything someone new to the world of fishing would want to know (preparation, setting up, different ways to fish, how to cook/store caught fish, etc.).”

I checked it out and was thoroughly impressed!

>> Check out Young’s awesome guide here >>

1. The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

Jonny Anderson provides a detailed, step-by-step guide to teach beginners how to cast their lines and catch fish.

But wait, there’s more!

Jonny’s article is also a wonderful resource for ALL fisherfolk, since in addition to covering everything from the history of fishing to the must-have gear, he also provides:

  • Links to helpful videos
  • Checklists to ensure successful outings
  • Free fishing apps
  • Good reasons to go fishing (in case you need to explain your obsession to, say, a spouse)

So wether your a fledgling fisher, an expert angler, or anything in between, Jonny’s article has some useful information to enrich your fishing skills.

>> Check out Jonny’s awesome article here >>

2. BassResource.com

While Jonny’s article covers any type of fishing you may want (he lives in the Florida Keys, lucky him!), Bass Resource focuses on fishing for bass.

BassResource.com gives BassHoles (like me!) opportunities to win free gear (and I have!), so that alone makes it worthwhile to check out.

In addition, there’s a great forum that provides opportunities to ask — or answer — questions on pretty much any topic in the bass fishing universe.

PLUS (yes, there’s more!) Glenn May and others offer terrific videos covering various useful topics, for example:

Sure, since I fish from a Hobie Outback kayak, I can usually maneuver my location and free a snagged lure, but this technique has helped me many, many times!

Never heard of “The Ned Rig”? Not only is this a great technique, the product described (Z-Man TRD) is, all by itself, fabulous.

So, check it out, and enjoy more fishing knowledge.

3. Kayak Hacks

If you, like me, fish from a kayak, then Kayak Hacks is a great resource for DIY mods, product review, and fishing tips. Featuring Southern Kayak Fishing magazine’s Field Editor Steve Moore, these videos are chock-a-block full of useful tips, tricks, and techniques.

Steve never indulges in long-winded prefaces (“Hey, I know it’s been a while since my last video, and today it’s cold and stormy so I thought I’d finally blah, blah, blah”) — he get’s right to the point! He’s always clear, weighs the pros and cons, and gratefully acknowledges feedback from viewers.

Steve doesn’t just cover kayaks in his posts, he talks about a variety of fishing tips, from spinning to fly fishing, and from fresh to saltwater. So that SHOULD cover just about any fisher person.

Here’s one MY favorite Kayak Hacks:

I use the slip know Steve features in his advice not just for my anchor trolley, but for securing my kayak when traveling.

4. Kayak Bass Fishing

Continuing with the kayak theme, Chad Hoover offers awesome tips on kayaking, but also has advice useful to any fisherman. Just to prove my point, consider:

For those of you thinking about getting into kayak fishing, Chad offers TONS of great advice, including selecting a kayak, paddle, and more.

Sure, it’s nice to think you would NEVER need to know how to remove a hook from YOURSELF, but believe me, it’s better to know how and not use the knowledge than to not know and need to figure it out then! And that’s just the beginning of the types of useful info Chad will share regarding fishing.

5. Bassu.tv

Number 5 — “last but not least” — is Bassu.tv.


This is a subscription based website, which offers training videos and web-casts. If you are familiar with the Bassmaster tournaments, you will see many familiar names, including:

  • Mike Iaconelli (who famously broke his rod after losing a fish during a “tie breaker”)
  • Ish Monroe (frogging, punching, flipping, and pitching expert)
  • Kevin VanDam (“arguably the best in the world” — 4 Bassmaster Classic wins and 7 Angler of the Year titles)

Bassu.tv offers various signup options:

  • Basic = FREE
  • Pro Monthly = $14.99 per month (FREE 10-day trial offered at time of writing)
  • Pro Annual = $149.99 per year (save $30)

You’re allowed to cancel at any time.

I prefer the “Pro Monthly,” but during the fishing season I find I don’t have enough time to watch videos, so I put my account into “hibernation,” which means I’m not charged the monthly fee but can resume my account at any time and Bassu remembers all my payment information.


So whether you are simply learning to fish, wanting to kayak, or yearning to stretch your knowledge about anything and everything fishing related, I hope these sites will provide you with a great start.

Be sure and share YOUR favorite sites so your fellow BassHoles can catch even more fish!

Until then, Tight Lines and Big Smiles!

The Smiling BassHole

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