Best Portable Fish Finder Review: FishHunter Directional 3D, Part 1

3.6 13 Use FishHunter To Find Fish! Best Portable Fish Finder: First task I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, to catch fish you need to: FIND THE FISH! There are several ways to do that. Use search baits (square bill crankbait, spinnerbait, jerk bait) Look for specific cover, structure, or clues (logs, stickup,… Read More »

Fishing Log: 10th Fishing Trip, May 23, 2016

0.0 00 Fish On! Not Bass, But Fish! Where: Hawkins Pond, Center Harbor, NH I returned to Hawkins Pond in Center Harbor, NH. Acres: 91 Depth: Average: 11′; Maximum: 33′ Where every Hawkins Pond fishing adventures begins: The boat put in!   My notion that the water may be warming up at Hawkins (I thought my FishHunter recorded… Read More »

Fishing Log: 9th Fishing Trip, May 19, 2016

0.0 00 Seeing Fish! Where: Griffin Beach, Webster Lake, Franklin, NH It begins! Today as I launched my trusty Hobie Float Cat 95, I saw bass! From tiny little bass no larger than bait fish, to some very nice one pounders. So naturally, I tried to catch them. Do. Or do not. Well, today it… Read More »

Fishing Log: 7th & 8th Fishing Trip, May 12 & 13, 2016

0.0 00 Saw My First Hobie Mirage Drive Up Close! Where: Highland Lake, Andover, NH Chad in his Hobie Kayak Let’s get right to the most exciting event of today’s fishing: meeting Chad in his Hobie Kayak! I was on my way back to the boat landing area, when I noticed a young man cruising… Read More »

Fishing Log: Sixth Fishing Trip, May 11, 2016

0.0 00 Plenty of Bites! BUG Bites! Where: Griffin Beach, Webster Lake, Franklin, NH Well, I had a new sight when I arrived at my home lake. Gentlemen from the City of Franklin Public works were digging a well for the beach public restrooms. I asked if it was alright if I went around them,… Read More »

Barbless Hooks For Bass

5.0 02 Should You Use Barbless Hooks For Bass? How old ARE fish hooks? Fish hooks are a very old. Scientists believe that fish hooks were used from between 16,000 and 23,000 years ago (so +/- 7,000 years). Well, that’s a pretty long time, and despite what many believe, a bit before I was born.… Read More »

Fishing Log: Fifth Fishing Trip, May 4, 2016

0.0 00 Skunk Or Dink? You Decide! Where: Hawkins Pond, Center Harbor, NH Acres: 91 Depth: Average: 11′; Maximum: 33′ In my previous fishing blog log I wondered where I should go next. After careful analysis and your suggestions (THANKS FOR PLAYING!), I decided to try Hawkins Pond. As stated earlier, Hawkins Pond is only 15% the size of… Read More »

Fishing Log: Fourth Fishing Trip, April 30, 2016

0.0 00 Bass Tournament! Trout! And Me! Where: Griffin Beach, Webster Lake, Franklin, NH Back to Webster Lake! Yes, I WILL be going to other locations, but I keep hoping to be ON Webster when the bass pre-spawn AND spawn starts. For that to happen, Webster Lake needs to warm up to at least 59… Read More »

Best Fishing Kayak Review

0.0 00 Best Fishing Kayak Review What makes a fishing kayak “the best”? That depends. Good news! 1oo’s to choose from! To find the best fishing kayak is not easy! First, there are more than 100 kayak manufactures, who produce multiple models of kayaks. Kayaks come in numerous types, including: Fishing (that’s what BassHoles are… Read More »