How To Catch More And Bigger Bass

All About How to Catch More and Bigger BassFox_more_clever_than_fish_DVIDS92061

Are you a BassHole?

I sure am. So use these guidelines to determine if you are too.

BassHole Checklist

  • You LOVE to catch bass, and then let them go.
  • You’ve watched at least 5 minutes of a bass tournament, and enjoyed it.
  • You say, “There he is!” when you hook into a bass.
  • You love to “visit” your local fishing store (BassPro Shop, Cabela’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods), just to look.
  • You shop at Walmart, and cruise the fishing gear.

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above, welcome to the club! The BassHoles Club.

Can You Be Cured?

Not likely. And especially not if you exhibit these advanced symptoms:

  • You aren’t sure how many rods and reels you own, but you want more.
  • You can’t fit all your lures into your tackle bags, so you need more tackle bags.
  • You have colors of worms that you don’t even know what the name of the color is.
  • Salespeople at the fishing store know you by sight, maybe even by name.
  • You spend the time you can’t be fishing, planning future fishing trips.

What’s a BassHole To Do?

Luckily, there is much you can do to cope with being a BassHole. Most importantly, catch more and bigger bass.

My mission is to help you (and me!) do just that.

After missing almost ALL of the 2015 bass fishing season, I joined BassMasters, visited my local BassPro shop, read bass fishing articles online and in magazines, reviewed bass fishing tips on YouTube, watched bass fishing programming on TV, and generally invested (invested, not wasted!) my time in learning all I could about fishing for bass.

What Can You Expect from

Through this site, I will:

  • Share the advice, wisdom, and techniques I’ve learned (saving YOU the time and energy of seeking it all out for yourself).
  • Suggest where and how you can improve your own fishing knowledge (so you CAN find it all out for yourself!).
  • Provide links to especially useful and instructive videos, posts, and websites.
  • Review tackle boxes, gear, lures, rods, boats, fish finders, and more to improve your fishing productivity.
  • Ask YOU to share YOUR wisdom and expertise by adding a comment to help your fellow BassHoles, or simply to ask a question which I will research for you and answer to help us all.

What’s The Bare Minimum?

To cope as a BassHole, I recommend you acquire, at the very least, these four tools:

  • A rodwet-day-on-the-sea-1551825-1280x960
  • A reel (to put on the rod)
  • A line (to put on the reel)
  • A lure (to put on the line)

Which raises a few questions:

  • What’s the best rod?
  • What’s the best reel?
  • What’s the best line?
  • What’s the best lure?

I’ll certainly be offering my own opinion on these issues, but I’m also counting on YOU to jump into the conversation with your own answers (and yes, of course, there may be more than one answer to each of those questions).

In Conclusion

I hope you’re as excited as I am when you’re in a battle of tug of war with a bass. Maybe a half-pounder, fighting like Goliath, or maybe a leviathan, digging for the bottom of the lake (and the weeds and structure).

I hope you’re as exasperated as I am when you’ve got a bass firmly on your line, only to have him (or her!) jump and shake the lure loose, and get away.

And I hope you find this blog informative, instructive, helpful, and maybe even a little bit fun.

Catching' Bass

Catching’ Bass

Because, as BassHoles, we’re not fishing for food; we’re fishing for FUN!

Tight lines out there!

Let me know what you think!

Roger, The Smiling BassHole


15 thoughts on “How To Catch More And Bigger Bass

  1. roamy

    l was born next to a llake and enjoyed fishing since l can remember.
    Did it all for fun and could not tell you the differnece from one fish to the next by name,the only fish l know is tilapia and maybe cat fish.
    That being said,i never knew there was a way to catch more or bigger fish,bass or any other kind of fish.
    Now l live away from any lake but l have arranged with friends to go camping and fishing this coming summer and that`s how l got to your site,looking for info how to catch more fish,did not want to let myself down when l go fishing with friends.
    Thanks for your easy to follow tips,will let you know how it goes.

    1. Roger Ford


      Thanks for the comment! Sorry you aren’t able to fish as often as you like.

      Before you leave for camping, if you contact me ( or leave me a post here, I would be happy to offer any advice I can!

      Do you already have fishing gear? If so what do you have?

      What you want will vary depending on where you are going and what types of fish you have access to. You catch catfish with one set of baits and techniques, trout another, and bass even more! Though I have caught bass fishing for trout, and vice versa.

      When I worked at Orvis (fly fishing store) in California, I’d ask people buying their first fly rod and reel what kind of fish they wanted to target. They liked to say, “Everything.” BUT you’ll have much more success if you focus on a certain species.

      So, if you’re fishing a stream that has both bass and trout (and there are such streams), you can have both and try first one, then the other.

      Finally, as we like to say in fishing circles: “Tight lines!”

  2. Funkydunc

    Hi Roger,
    I am not a fisherman at all. Nothing about it draws me in to the lifestyle, but I have friends who love the peace and quiet associated with it. Don’t get me wrong. I have tried it, but no attraction.

    Still, you wrote that piece about the RedEye Shad with a lot of passion and enthusiasm. Always good to maintain the passion for what you enjoy.


    1. Roger Ford

      Thanks, Duncan!

      Yes, I am certainly a passionate fisherman. Though I prefer the action of catching fish over the peace of not catching them! But I do get to spend time in some beautiful settings.

      Continued success!


  3. Rebeca

    Hello Roger,
    I really like how your website is very specific with instructions on how to catch a particular fish. So far, your site is short on content, but what it has so far is pretty good. I like the look and the flow; it’s easy to read and to follow. The pictures really help too.
    Thumbs up from me.

    1. Roger Ford

      Thanks, Rebeca!

      Yes, I’m just starting out, and writing the posts / pages in my “spare time.” In between the trainings and my “day job.” To which I must soon go.

      Good luck to you!


  4. Roger Ford Post author

    OK! It’s official! You’re a BassHole!

    Well, not sure if there are freshwater OR saltwater bass in your area. But bass certainly can stand warmer waters. Though if the camels are calling it quits, then maybe the bass have moved to cooler climes!

    Glad you got some enjoyment from the site. And should you discover there ARE bass in the boiling waters of the Arabian Gulf, then feel free to shoot me any questions to continue your development as a BassHole!

    Welcome to the club!

    And Tight lines!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  5. Ross

    Hi Roger!

    The ocean breeze brought me here and I’m glad I have visited your site. I’ve met a man of passion and that just makes me happy. Since I was a child I had a very special connection to fishing. And although I grew up in the mountains and I’m not a big fisherman I was lucky to experience the joy of fishing in the open see and on the quite lake, and on the river with a rod or a small net, or even with my bare hands in the fast mountain streams. Fishing is fun and adventure!

    1. Roger Ford Post author


      So true!

      I am also a man of passion, not to mention a recovering standup comic & clown, so laughing is in my nature!

      Fast mountain streams I have caught fish in, but never in my bare hands! Though I have heard and read that is possible.

      But as a BassHole, I love to catch fish on a rod and reel, and engage in the haul and pull of a relatively little fish vs. a stout man.

      Fishing in the open sea you are matched against fish that CAN be bigger than you are!

      Keep giggling, my friend, and

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  6. Brad

    I guess I am a BassHole wannabe. Looking to take up bass fishing later this Spring but I don’t know where to begin. Just read your Rods page and have a little bit of a glimmer of understanding — basically a beginner should look at spinning or spincasting rods. Probably a “Three Bears” situation — not too long, not too short would be just right. Any suggestions for a true beginner in terms of rod and reel?

    1. Roger Ford Post author


      Anyone who WANTS to be a BassHole IS a BassHole! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

      Bass fishing is a gas, and I certainly do have some suggestions to get you started.

      Long story short (or see my POST on spinning gear):

      6 1/2 foot Medium Weight spinning rod matched with a medium priced (but good quality!) spinning reel.

      For the rod I recommend an Ugly Stik.

      For the reel I recommend a Pflueger.

      Both are modestly price, work great, are very durable, and catch big bass! I have both (though my Ugly Stik is 7 foot, as I prefer a longer rod) and love them!

      The nice thing with that outfit is it will always be useful no matter how much your skills improve.

      Tight lines, my fellow BassHole!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole

  7. Jaron

    Loved the post! I guess I’m a basshole 😉
    I have not been fishing in along while. Used to go with my grandfather and then once or twice with a friend. I may have to find a day to relax and try it out again!

    1. Roger Ford Post author

      Thanks, Jaron!

      Welcome to the BassHole club! Being a BassHole is it’s own reward.

      I hope you decide to wet a line and get out there and catch some fish! And when you do, be sure and share your adventures with your fellow BassHoles!

      Tight lines!

      Roger, The Smiling BassHole


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