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Hot Summer Bass Fishing Tips

5.0 01 Hot Summer Bass Fishing Tips Summertime Bassing! Summer is definitely here, even in New Hampshire! We’re experiencing temperatures up to 90 degrees and beyond. And it’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity! So I want to share some hot summer bass fishing tips that I’ve discovered through my research. This encompasses 4… Read More »

Barbless Hooks For Bass

5.0 02 Should You Use Barbless Hooks For Bass? How old ARE fish hooks? Fish hooks are a very old. Scientists believe that fish hooks were used from between 16,000 and 23,000 years ago (so +/- 7,000 years). Well, that’s a pretty long time, and despite what many believe, a bit before I was born.… Read More »

How To Outsmart Big Bass

4.0 01 How To Outsmart Big Bass A Big Bass Brain Of course it’s difficult to know exactly what bass think, unless you believe they don’t really think at all! Studies have shown that bass CAN learn, and remember, sources of pain. Trout fishermen in highly pressured waters are all too aware that trout can… Read More »