5 Fantastic Fun Fishing Fact Resources

0.0 00 Fishing Fun For You I love to fish because I love to have fun. But when I can’t be out having fishing fun, I enjoy finding articles, websites, and videos that teach me how to have more fun (and less grief) while I am fishing. Here are 5 Fantastic Fun Fact Resources for… Read More »

The 5 Health Benefits of Bass Fishing

5.0 01 Unless you are blessed with a spouse who loves to fish as much as you do, getting permission to hit the water is not always easy to get. But that’s because you are going about it all wrong – instead of trying to convince the mister or missus that you need to hit… Read More »

How To Fishing: Why Is Fishing Fun?

0.0 00 How To Fishing: Why Is Fishing Fun? Why? Welcome to today’s edition of “How To Fishing: Why Is Fishing Fun?” That question has multiple meanings, and this post will only begin to start answering a few of those. So look for more ramblings on this topic in the future! Non-Fishing Folk Asking First,… Read More »

How To Fishing: Spinnerbaits

0.0 00 How To Fishing: Spinnerbaits Many people have asked me “How To” use various lures. And so I’m going to explain just that in this series of posts. Today’s entry is: “How To Fishing: Spinnerbaits.” Now I’m not saying the following is ALL there is to know about spinnerbait fishing, and if YOU have… Read More »

Hot Summer Bass Fishing Tips

5.0 01 Hot Summer Bass Fishing Tips Summertime Bassing! Summer is definitely here, even in New Hampshire! We’re experiencing temperatures up to 90 degrees and beyond. And it’s not just the heat, it’s the humidity! So I want to share some hot summer bass fishing tips that I’ve discovered through my research. This encompasses 4… Read More »

Carolina Rig vs Texas Rig to Catch Big Bass

5.0 01 Catching Big Bass in the Summertime! Seasonal Changes and How They Affect Bass Fishing Even here in New Hampshire, and despite evening temperatures of 50 degrees, spring is leaking into summer, and summer brings warmer weather and warmer waters. Will the same lures, the same techniques, the same strategies, used during the spring… Read More »

Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts – Fishing Dads!

0.0 00 5 Great Inexpensive Father’s Day Gifts for the Fishing Dad Hints? What hints? Men don’t often leave hints to tell you what they want. When they want something, they either say so, or they just go right out and buy it themselves. I can’t tell you how many times one of my son-in-laws… Read More »